About company

A company Models Park Ltd. was founded on the basis of a group of advanced methods in building construction design developed by the Institute “Latgiproprom”. “Rūpnīcprojekts” was created in Latvia in 1957. Models Park Ltd. inherited its innovative methods and continues its work putting into practice the Institute’s many years experience. Since 1998 Models Park Ltd. has gained a status of an independent manufacturing enterprise specializing in manufacturing of scale models and breadboard models. Models Park Ltd. has a 30 – year long working experience in building construction design business and many times its models represented Latvia at international exhibitions.

Models Park Ltd. manufactures city construction models, models of industrial areas and sea ports in scales from 1:7500 up to 1:500 - in particular, the Riga free port, some districts of Riga city, an industrial zone of Rezekne. The customer can rest assured that Models Park team will think in advance about possibilities how to save money of its client in the future if the customer would want to make some rearrangements and changes in the initial project of the model (like replacement of separate buildings, residential areas, road communications, park zones, etc.).

Models Park - About company

Models Park Ltd. manufactures architectural breadboard models of buildings in scales from 1:500 to 1:25 and closely cooperates with the leading Latvian architectural bureaus.

Models Park Ltd. has experience in land relief’s manufacturing. Sigulda bobsleigh track model can serve as an example.

Models Park Ltd. also manufactures breadboard models of industrial and technological buildings for demonstration purpose as well as with the aim to check the correctness of the scale of objects. The company has manufactured tens of models of different enterprises on the territory of Latvia as well as behind its borders. For example, a set of breadboard models of Riga refineries (a model for planning and a few objects of buildings for personnel training).

Models Park Ltd. has Latvian museums as its business partners. Museum of Riga’s History ordered a breadboard model of Riga city of XIII century and Models Park Ltd. made it for its children’s exposition.

In its work Models Park Ltd. is using materials corresponding to European standard; in manufacturing process it applies advanced Japanese digital technologies (including 3D-technologies) and the corresponding licensed software. In manufacturing of parts for breadboard models methods of metal photo etching and vacuum forming are applied.